3 Essential Tips on How to Learn French Cuisine

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French cuisine ranges from easy dishes to the extraordinary displays of creativity and culinary expertise that the French food is famous for. To successfully create a French dish, you need to learn the basic French culinary techniques and have a deep appreciation for food.

In this post, we are going to look at three essential tips for learning French cuisine. But before we delve into the learning tips it is important to mention that French chefs use numerous complicated tricks to get their dishes to look and taste just so. The art of French cooking is taught step by step to prepare a meal.

A key to learning French cuisine is to master the different cooking methods. These include braising, poaching, flambéing, sautéing, grilling and poaching. Another crucial element is knife skills. Your formal training will also include learning about the basic ingredients and the different ways of incorporating them in a dish.

3 Essential Tips for Learning French Cuisine

1. Know how to use fresh, seasonal ingredients

While regional menus vary depending on the local culture and influence, they all have one thing in common – they use fresh, local ingredients. Fresh ingredients are central to the French food and rarely will you find a French chef using canned vegetable or jarred sauce.

2. Respect for the food

Unlike other cuisines, the French cuisine uses offal, innards and even vegetable scraps. You’ll notice in most cookbooks that there are recipes for all parts of a chicken, lamb, and duck among others. Nothing goes to waste when preparing a French dish unless it is inedible.

3. Pay attention to details

An amazing garnish not only makes the dish sweet to taste bit it also provides an incredible dining experience. Presentation enables people to enjoy the dish before they even place it in their mouths. You must have heard that the French can eat highly fattening foods and still maintain good health. This is because of the experience they have with the food.


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